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Error: 'DNS server not authoritative for zone' when deploying patches

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When deploying patches during a remediation, all patches fail to install with the error 'DNS server not authoritative for zone'.


You should notice that any executable (like msiexec.exe or notepad.exe) cannot be launched directly from the Start > Run line or in a command prompt. This indicates it is a problem with the %PATH% system variable on the computer in question.

You can fix the problem as follows:
  1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > and click Advanced system settings
  2. Click the Environment Variables...  button
  3. Find the Path System variable, highlight it and click the Edit... button
  4. Copy the entire Variable value,, paste it into a text file and replace the Variable value temporarily with some other value and click OK
  5. Edit the value again, paste the saved original value in its place and click OK
  6. Test by launching msiexec.exe /? from the Start > Run line or the command prompt
  7. If it still fails, you can edit the value and add c:Windows\system32 directly to the Variable value dialog
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If you have many computers in your domain with this issue, you can set this by group policy with instructions from the following Microsoft article: Configure an Environment Variable Item


A problem with the operating system is not allowing the %SystemRoot%\system32 value to expand to C:\Windows\system32



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